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Choosing my Path.

Thoughts Early Days

Choosing how to spend your time.
This is something I struggle with regularly. In the past, I would spend every free hour of each day playing video games, from Minecraft to Crusader Kings to Heroes of the Storm; I'd find a game and put countless hours into it every day until eventually I'd burn out entirely, then rarely, if ever, touch that same game again.

A Fork in the Road?

While moving towards my first goal of making this blog look more appealing, I came across a dilemma: do I teach myself CSS to the point where I could make a beautiful website from scratch, or do I save myself time and just learn how to navigate pre-existing templates to a reasonable degree?

In order to learn CSS, I suspect I will need to find a good teacher. Youtube, programming books, online articles, these are all options that would benefit both of the previously mentioned choices. It's likely, in fact, that if I were to head towards the first choice and attempt to gain mastery over CSS, I would pass the point where I could understand templetes long before reaching that goal.

Fundamentals. They're core to understanding any subject. If I reject to acknowledge and respect their importance, it'll only cause me strife down the line. Despite that, I am clueless as to where to begin.

Now that I think about it, it'll probably be wise to add a references section, or something similar, to this blog to keep track of resources I've found and used.